Archival Manual | Processing & Digitization Protocols


The MVZ Archives Processing Manual and Processing Plan Template are designed to help guide the acquisition, curation, and housing of new archival materials. The major steps for processing new archival materials include:

  1. Appraisal
  2. Accessioning
  3. Pre-processing
  4. Processing

MVZ Processing Manual (PDF)
MVZ Processing Plan Template (PDF)



The MVZ started digitizing its archival collections in 2003 with funding support from the National Science Foundation.  Although digitization is incomplete, it remains an important part of the curatorial workflow.
Digitization protocols include (1) high resolution scanning of field notes and images, with subsequent processing to lower-resolution files for public web access; and (2) quick internal scans of field notes for specimen cataloging. High resolution scanning is done either inhouse following our digitization protocol (link below), or by sending materials to the Internet Archive .