Safety Training

Lab safety training is done through the UC Learning Center. You will need a CalNet ID to access the training modules.
  • Use the Search box in the upper left section of the page to search for the class (e.g., “EHS101”). Click on the yellow “Register” button, then “Submit” on the next page, then “Start”.
  • If you have any technical questions (e.g. training not launching, browser issues, etc), please reach out to the IT First Contact team at
Anyone working on campus (employees, volunteers, affiliates) is required to take a one-time “Work Safety Program” training (EHS 502). Anyone working in a lab (e.g., Prep Lab, Herp Lab, Evolutionary Genetics Lab) is required to take the “Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety” (EHS 101) and “Hazardous Materials Spill Response Training” (EHS 106). The laboratory safety training is required every three years (“Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety Refresher,” EHS 103). In addition, special training is required for working on campus during COVID: “UC Berkeley Guidelines on Protecting Workers from COVID-19” (EHS 207) and “UC Berkeley COVID 19 Health and Safety Guide for Returning to the Workplace” (BE-COVID-2020). Personnel working in VLSB must complete, sign, and return the “VLSB Safety Training Form” prior to starting. This form also must be signed by the MVZ Safety Officer (Chris Conroy). Additional safety training will be given by the different area managers (EGL, prep lab, herp lab, liquid nitrogren facility, MVZ collections) specific to the hazards present in those locations.