Departing Checklists

When you are preparing to leave the MVZ, the most important thing is to PLAN AHEAD. This often involves a lot of communication with MVZ Faculty and Staff to ensure that everything is in order. Start thinking about this far in advance of when you expect to leave, so that it’s not a last minute rush!


  • Work with a Staff Curator to deposit your research materials and data including specimens, tissues, original field notes, photographs, audio or video recordings, CT scans, genetic sequences, etc. If you need specimen numbers for publication, remember that it can take weeks or months to catalog depending on the amount of material, quality of data, and other curatorial priorities.
  • Make sure that all specimens you collected are fully prepared. DO NOT leave specimens behind for others to finish!
  • Work with the staff to ship research materials that will not be archived in the MVZ, including genetic materials and specimens borrowed from other museums.
Anna Hiller and Elizabeth Wommack at UC Berkeley graduation


  • Return any equipment or books you borrowed.
  • Clean out your office space, and arrange for shipping or taking home any personal items. Do not leave items behind for others to deal with!
  • Return your MVZ brass key(s) to the VLSB Building Manager . If the Building Manager is not available, leave the key with the MVZ Front Office Manager and let the Building Manager know. The Building Manager also will deactivate your card key upon notification that you are leaving. A refund of the deposit you paid for each brass key will be issued within approximately 30 days.
  • Take care of outstanding administrative issues including reimbursements, annual report information, and timesheets.
  • Leave forwarding information with the Front Office Manager.

Complete the following checklists prior to departing the MVZ:

Administrative and Curatorial Checklist
Evolutionary Genetics Lab Checklist