The Museum accepts specimens of non-endangered/non-threatened species that are found dead in California under its permits. Salvage in other states is not authorized by the museum’s permits and must be covered by an individual salvage permit.

A federal migratory bird permit is required to salvage all North American birds and their parts (including feathers), except eagles which require a separate permit. Salvage of threatened/endangered species also requires separate permits, and must be reported within 48 hrs to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the USFWS Office of Migratory Birds.

Individuals may request authorization to salvage specimens as a condition of their own scientific collecting permit (varies from state to state). If a researcher plans to do field work that might involve incidental salvage, either in California or elsewhere, we encourage them to request authorization for salvage. The researcher is responsible for submitting a report of salvaged specimens to the permit-issuing agency, if required by the permit.