Printing Labels and Ledger

MVZ Bird Gallery
View looking north in the MVZ collection.

Label Templates

MVZ labels for specimen cases, drawers, and fluid rooms are printed with specific templates. Details may vary by collection. The following templates were developed for the MVZ bird collection and can be modified as needed.

Fluid Jars and Vials

Catalog Ledger

Hard copy ledger pages are printed as a backup to the data. Separate ledgers are maintained for bird, egg/nest, mammal, and herp specimens. Ledgers should not be printed until all of the data for an accession have been entered, and the localities have been georeferenced.
Each accession should be printed on a separate ledger, starting on its own page. If the accession is split, e.g., if a specimen is found later and added to the same accession, print that specimen on its own page so that the MVZ catalog numbers are ordered numerically in the binder.
To print the ledger:
  1. Go to Arctos and login to your account.
  2. On the Specimen Search page, select the collection (e.g,. MVZ:Bird) and search by the accession number by entering ‘= XXXXX’ in the Accession field (where XXXXX is the accession number) to get an exact match. You may need to hit ‘Show More Options’ to show the option for entering the accession number.
  3. In the Specimen Results page, go to ‘Manage’ and scroll down to ‘Print Any Report’ which will take you to the Arctos reporter function.
  4. In the long drop down list of possible reports, select ‘MVZ Ledger’ and hit ‘Print Report’ which will produce a PDF file of the ledger. The ledger is designed to print 10 records on a page. If there are multiple pages for one accession, it will print all of the pages and show 1 of N, 2 of N, etc.
  5. Print the ledger using the printer located in the curatorial work area. Ledgers are printed on special archival paper that is pre-punched with holes for a notebook. Print the ledger using the curatorial printer, and make sure to orient and feed the ledger paper properly (see instructions at the printer).
  6. Once you print the ledger, place the pages in numerical order by MVZ catalog number in the appropriate ledger notebook. Notebooks for the bird and mammal ledgers are located on top of the bird and mammal cases (respectively) in the curatorial area. The herp ledger notebook is on top of the old herp card catalog (on the left when you walk into the Herp Lab).