MVZ Vehicle

MVZ Vehicle

The MVZ Field vehicle (a 1998 Toyota 4Runner Limited) is available for use by MVZ faculty, staff, students, and official UC volunteers with prior arrangement and for museum-related use only. Although it is owned and insured through the UC campus, you are responsible for any tickets you receive and damage you incur on the vehicle that is not covered by the insurance. The vehicle is available for short (e.g., weekend) field trips, or for longer MVZ trips upon authorization by the Director. Treat the car as if it were your own!

To request use of the vehicle, contact Terri Barclay at tlynnwong[at] or (510) 642-1379.

Reservations are tracked through a “MVZ Vehicle Reservations” Google Calendar that will be shared once users submit their required driver forms.

Information about the MVZ Vehicle is in the user information packet. A copy of this should be kept in the vehicle at all times.

Required Forms

Loading Dock Pass

The Museum has two permits for temporary parking (30-minute limit) at the loading dock. Loading dock passes may be obtained from the Front Office Manager. It is important to remember to return the loading dock pass before you leave the premises. The permit must be readily available to anyone who needs to use it.