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Arctos: Creating an Accession

Arctos: Data Entry Catalog Example

Arctos: Data Entry Screen Customization

Arctos: Webinar on Data Entry and Bulkloading

Arctos: Webinar on Introduction to Arctos for Bird and Egg/Nest Collections

Taking and Labeling Tissues

The method of tissue preservation depends on the goals of the study, logistics of transport, and permit restrictions. Imports from countries that are listed as having highly pathogenic avian influenza must be preserved and treated in specific ways. It is important to know the regulations and discuss preservation methods with a Curator in advance of planning fieldwork. For more information, see our Tissue Guidelines. The following brief video shows how to label and barcode tissue vials for the MVZ collections. It also provides some guidance on the types and order of tissues preserved (example is for birds; the types of tissues preserved may differ among collections). A

Intro to Arctos for Herpetology Collections

Intro to Arctos for Mammalogy Collections