MVZ Annual Pest Spray

The MVZ is sprayed for pests (topical application to the floor) once per year in August. Several e-mails will be sent out prior to spraying to warn the MVZ community and will include instructions on how to prepare. The MVZ is split into North and South halves and the two sides are sprayed separately over the course of two weeks (typically on Fridays).

Pest Management is restricted from spraying offices and labs if clothing, food, beverage, or eating and drinking utensils are exposed. Please prepare your area accordingly:

  • Remove all clothing from your offices or place inside drawers or cabinets
  • Place food, cups, plates, and utensils into drawers and/or cabinets
  • Pick up items off floor in your office if you do not want them sprayed (e.g., trash cans, chairs, etc.)
  • If you will be away during this time, please prepare your desk before you leave
  • If you have office mates out of town, help them by preparing their areas as well
  • If you are concerned about your desks or if you think you may be extra sensitive to the pesticides, cover your desk with large plastic garbage bags