Curators may draft a letter certifying that the carrier is a researcher with the MVZ and is conducting legitimate international scientific research. A copy of the letter should be shown to agents upon request.

In addition to permits (see Import/Export Permits), international work may require specific regulations regarding transport. This is especially true for certain types of collecting equipment including sharp objects and firearms. This also applies to anything that looks like a gun (e.g., air rifle, pellet gun, dart gun, etc.).

Shotguns and rifles (i.e., “long guns”) may be taken as baggage, but they must be declared at the air ticket counter. The basic rules are:

  • firearms must be broken down and transported in a locked, hard-sided gun case
  • ammunition must be packed separately from the firearm(s)
  • ammunition must be in its original container
  • ammunition is limited to a certain weight

Always check with the airline re: transportation of such items before traveling. Certain countries also require special permits for importation of firearms (permits for “long guns” may be different from other firearms).