Archival Donations

Archival materials include field notes, photographs (both digital and non-digital), annotated maps, historical correspondence, artwork, and scientific illustrations. The Museum seeks to archive materials that are associated with research projects, primarily related to specimens. Any materials donated to the MVZ Archives should be accompanied by an Archive Transfer Form and a Deed of Gift Form (see below). If you are interested in donating materials please contact mvzarchives[at]

Digital images are an important part of documenting field work and species occurrences. These images may be of animals, habitats, landscapes, or people/camps. As such, they add value to specimens, observations, and collecting events. Just like specimens, digital images taken during the course of research should be accompanied by good data and archived for future use. Researchers should contact the appropriate Staff Curator to make arrangements for transferring digital images and data to the museum.

It is the responsibility of the photographer to sort and label images prior to donation. The photographer should only donate images that are of unique value as an observation or that are related to a specimen or collecting trip. If multiple images are taken of the same site or subject, the photographer should choose the most informative or highest quality image(s) for donation.

Ready to submit photos? About to go into the field? Check out the these resources: